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What speeds can I expect?

There are a few factors which affect your speed but our aim is to only deliver the fastest possible. Below is a speed test taken from an active user on our service (17/01/21).

Do I need a phoneline to get your service?

We don’t need a phone line in order to provide you service. Our service is self contained and does not use your local BT exchange.

What equipment is used?

We install a small 180mm round transceiver on your property which points toward our broadcast equipment to get your connection. We then install a managed router (Like your BT Home Hub) inside your property for you to connect your devices/computers/TV’s, either wirelessly or using the 4x Ethernet ports on the router.

How soon can I get the service?

Send us an email and we will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for a site survey. We aim to have you connected inside of a week from you contacting us.

What happens if I need further support with my home network?

We are able to support your home network and help you with all forms of your internal networking, just ask us.

Do I need planning permission?

It is no different to the install of a satellite dish or TV aerial on your property, it falls within your permitted development rights with the council.

Is the service unlimited?

We supply an unlimited service so you can use as much as you need as often as you like.

How will my email work?

Your email address and configuration will stay the same with your current provider. Every case is different so please ask during your site survey and we can help further.

How do I pay for the service?

Rather than Direct Debit or other binding bank services we like you to either pay for the service each month on-line when you receive your invoice or to set-up an automatic transfer to us through your bank. This puts you in complete control of your payments.

What about my existing internet service?

Once our service has been installed and you are happy, you can then terminate any agreements you have with your current supplier.

Does wireless have latency like satellite broadband?

Unlike satellite broadband our network runs sub 2ms with a 32 bytes of data packet.

Do I need to keep my landline now I have a separate connection?

You can now use VoIP telephone provider instead of traditional landline providers.  You can often save money by switching as VoIP calls are very reasonably priced.

If your question has not been answered then please email us at