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Wildlife Cameras

At Rapid Rural we can install wildlife cameras in rural locations, where an internet connection and power can be difficult to connect to. We have experience in completing installations of wildlife cameras for Owls, Peregrines and Wetland areas. We have worked with charities and organisations to help them conserve our beautiful, native species.

We also work with residences, who are interested in seeing what our feathered friends are up to. For all enquiries and to find out what wildlife connectivity and wildlife cameras we can provide email us at

Have you thought about installing an Owl or bird box? Have you heard of Bucks Owl and Raptor Group? They can help to advise on what structure and placement is best.

Remember! It is important to not disturb bird nesting sites during the breeding season because this can cause the adults to abandon their young and damage the local population. Installations of cameras should only be made when you are sure the box or next is not being visited by prospecting birds.

Wildlife Camera Live Streams

Aylesbury Peregrines

Owl Cam