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I appear to have no internet?

Run through the below steps first before contacting Rapid Rural with a support email. The majority of queries are resolved for customers who complete this.

  1. Check the Rapid Rural blog for the latest news for any known problems.
  2. Power off both the router and Poe Injector (small white or black unit) located on the end of the cable where the internet cable enters the property. Leave this off for 30 seconds before switching both router and POE Injector back on.
  3. Check cables are all seated correctly and light on POE Injector is lit.
  4. Allow up to 5mins for the connection to establish.
  5. Check Power light is illuminated on the router.
  6. Check Internet light is illuminated and green on router.
  7. Check Wi-Fi light is illuminated on the router.
  8. Connection should now be live and working.
  9. If there is still no internet service please remove any ethernet cables from the LAN ports of the router and restart the router and tested internet via Wi-Fi connection to the router.

I still have no internet after following the above steps?

Email so that we can investigate your issue.

My internet seems slow – what should I do?

There could be a problem with your router so it is worth restarting. This is simply a power off at the wall wait 30 seconds and then power back on the same for the Poe injector (Small White Box) which should also be power cycled to refresh your connection.

There are no Wi-Fi networks available to join?

The most common cause of this is the Wi-Fi has been turned off on the router, this can be checked by seeing if the Wi-Fi lights are illuminated on the router. If the lights are off then the Wi-Fi is switched off, this can be switched back by a long press of the Wi-Fi button on the rear of the router.

Can I make changes to the router?

The routers are locked to our network and run a custom firmware that does not have access from the client side. We supply a managed service to ensure that delivery of our service is as reliable as possible by keeping the configuration secured.

How can I get further Wi-Fi coverage in my home?

In order to ensure a fuller coverage throughout your home many Rapid Rural customers are using mesh Wi-Fi products such as BT Whole Home and Google Wi-Fi. These products are readily availbe and easy to setup. We can offer bespoke solutions for installations where the above products are not suitable.

Is the service unlimited?

We supply an unlimited service so you can use as much as you need as often as you like.

How to contact support

All of our support is completed via email contact us via or if you have an invoice or billing query then please email

How do I pay for the service?

Rather than Direct Debit or other binding bank services we like you to either pay for the service each month on-line when you receive your invoice or to set-up an automatic transfer to us through your bank. This puts you in complete control of your payments.