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07-05-22 – Partial Network Outage

20:00 07-05-22 – We have been made aware of a network failure on a Virgin Internet Circuit which carries some Rapid Rural traffic. The supplier has been notified and investigating issue.

22:00 07-05-22 – Follow up call with carrier confirms fault and engineers continue investigating.

07:15 08-05-22 – Waiting on update from Virgin for fix time.

08:32 08-05-22 – Virgin have sent a second level engineering team to investigate fault and will be onsite approx 11:15.

10:00 08-05-22 – Virgin have confirmed the fault is being repaired and should have a fix time of midday.

19:42 08-05-22 – Further investigation has found the fibre damage externally in Aylesbury and fibre cable is being pulled in and spliced currently. Estimated fix time is inside of 4 hours.

02:30 09-05-22 – Fibre splicing is completed onsite and all services have now been restored.