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30-05-22 – Network Outage

15:25 – We were made aware of a fault and began investigating a network fault.

15:50 – All services have migrated to backup routes while further investigations take place. We believe that power has been lost at our core router site and are investigating this currently.

17:09 – We are seeing further network issues which is causing instability, we are actively working on the issue and hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible.

19:00 – We are continuing to investigate the sporadic outages that have been ongoing this afternoon.

20:15 – We believe that the current outages are affected by voltage drops that are causing our equipment to stop responding. We are going to exchange all power equipment early tomorrow morning to rectify the issue.

00:00 – A faulty power supply that would run for a couple hours before dropping voltage and causing endless reboots has been identified and fixed in one of our core routers.

All Services restored.